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Work 1:1 with me as your guide, mentor & full support system to master your power, build your strength, confidence and tap into your power to unleash who you were meant to be into the world! 

Conquering your problem is only the beginning.


A positive mind, a healthy body and a happy life- you CAN have it all!

But where do you start?


At Master your Mind Hypnotherapy Northern Beaches we realise that often our mind is the driving force behind many of our problems and challenges in life. Whilst events, people or situations may trigger negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours- THEY DO NOT CAUSE THEM!

At the root are the beliefs you hold about yourself and your identity, which can often be hijacked by your unconscious mind, a force which is responsible for 90% of your daily behaviour. 


Just consider the idea that the way we can overcome most challenges and issues in our lives is to shift our focus and work on unconscious thoughts and feelings which trigger our problem behaviours. Building the foundation of a healthy, positive mind is ESSENTIAL for the healthy body and happy life waiting for you.

Conquer Your Eating Disorder & Unleash Who You Were Meant To Be 

Eating Disorder Treatment Sydney

Start your journey of remarkable transformation, working 1:1 with me as your guide, mentor and full support system. Conquering your Eating Disorder is only the beginning. Find your voice, master your power and build your vision to unleash who you were meant to be into the world!

Conquer your eating disorder, you can conquer your world!

Feel Strong, Empowered & Confident with Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Northern Beaches, Sydney

Do you have a problem that you can’t seem to overcome despite all your conscious efforts? This is most likely because you are being hijacked by your unconscious mind- this is the place which is specifically targeted by Cognitive Hypnotherapy. At Master your Mind hypnotherapy Northern Beaches we will work with you to develop your own unique personalised programme.


I speak from experience


I have spent the last 12 years training and working in the field of mental health; Psychology, Counselling, Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP, Life and Health Coaching. I use all these approaches with my clients, so you receive the benefits of more than just one therapy at a time.

You are not just another client


I have been on the client end, feeling like just another number. I work to get to know you, how you do your problems and what YOU want to achieve. Every programme is personalised to you, with my full support in-between sessions to keep you on track.

I have been there too!


I spent a decade struggling with to find help for eating disorders, over-exercising, gut problems, anxiety and low self-esteem. I get it. I know what it’s like to feel totally alone and that nobody understands where I’m coming from. What you are feeling, I totally understand and I am here to support you through it!

guarantee my work


I am so confident that I can help you achieve your goals that any sessions which you do not need you can save for future sessions or I will give you your money back and I will always offer a free top up session following any programme.

My help continues outside of our sessions


60% of changes happen outside of sessions. This is why I provide every client with their own personalised between-session support programme which includes 24/7 support from myself.

I teach you skills and strategies IN ADDITION to deeper transformational work 


I aim to educate, inspire and empower my clients by teaching them techniques and tools they can use in every day life- you have the power within you, you just may not have the knowledge, YET!

My service is 100% private and discreet


What is said between us, stays between us! I want to provide a space for complete trust, honesty and transparency with no judgement.

Unlike other therapy and coaching options which often only "talk" about your problems, Master your Mind hypnotherapy Northern Beaches offers a unique, modern approach, working with you to develop your own bespoke programme with 24/7 support between sessions. This uses a variety of different therapies and coaching methods to equip you with your own toolbox of strategies necessary to help you think differently and create lasting behavioural change for a happy and fulfilled life, healthy body or successful career.


How we work is entirely up to you:

Face to face



Combination sessions

Individual or group sessions

My clients come from all corners of the world, distance is no object. Master your Mind Hypnotherapy Northern Beaches is based in Sydney, Australia, however all services can be provided online.

I want to work with YOU if you are 100% ready to make some profound changes to your mind, body and your life, know you deserve better and are committed to invest in yourself and our work together. Let’s get excited and take action.


This is your chance to build a better life for yourself and I want to help you do that. You are NOT alone.



Client love at Master your Mind Hypnotherapy Sydney

HH. Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Depression

Having tried so many other therapies I had lost hope. Hannah showed an entirely new approach, working on the root cause of my issues first rather than treating my symptoms. She also taught me strategies to help me manage my triggers. Now I can see a way out. Thank-you!

C.B Eating Disorder Treatment & Low self-esteem

I suffered with binge eating for 20 years and I had tried everything to try and stop but there was something stopping me. Within 8 weeks I had stopped wanting to binge- I was shocked and never thought this would ever happen! I have lost 5kg so far as a result and I am feeling like the old me again.

L.W Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Smoking was ‘my thing’, my coping mechanism. Working with Hannah made me realise that my problem had nothing to do with smoking at all! It was a crutch I used to help me escape as I didn’t feel good enough. This made me realise I didn’t need cigarettes- this behaviour was no longer serving me. This was a HUGE lightbulb moment and something I never even realise


Make a commitment to yourself today!

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