My name is Hannah, Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Coach and owner of Master your Mind. 

Just a normal girl from the UK, I know what it is like to feel out of control, powerless and battling against my own beliefs, thoughts & feelings.


Unfortunately, I fell into the food & weight obsession trap at just 16, believing that I would be more attractive & liked  if I lost weight. I got hooked chasing the body I believed would make my life better, which never happened. Instead I ended up with anorexia and bulimia and spent my 20s in a really dark, lonely and anxious place. 

I lost 10 years of my life feeling controlled by food and hating my body. I cannot let others lose any more valuable time to such destructive relationships with food and themselves.  


I am walking evidence that we all have the power and the capabilities to overcome our past and start building a fufilling, exciting future with our true selves chosing the direction we take.

I have dedicated my life to helping girls and women like you because I believe that you already have everything you need to create the life you always wanted, living free as your true self.  You have just got lost along the way, so this is why I am here to nudge you back in the right direction. You deserve the opportunity to feel supported by someone who truly understands what you are going through- you do not need to struggle for as long as I did, you CAN do something about it!


In just 4 years I have gone from:

Struggling with bulimia & anorexia

Suffering with anxiety

Isolating myself & damaging the relationships  around me

Feeling lost & like a failure

Unable to manage my digestive condition; EDS

Low self-esteem, no confidence & no idea who I was anymore


Complete freedom from my Eating Disorder

Having a big toolbox of techniques to help manage my


Qualifying in 2 years as a Master Practitioner of

Cognitive Hypnotherapy & NLP

Re-discovering who I was, feeling strong, secure & confident

Finding a lifestyle to help manage my EDS

Up-rooting my life & moving to Sydney

Left my corporate job to start my own business

Met the love of my life out of the blue!

 If I can break from the trap of food, weight and appearance

after more than 10 years, anyone can!

Whether you are struggling with emotional eating, mindless eating or an eating disorder I can help you!

I achieved fulll recovery after 10 years with an Eating Disorder. I had tried so many different approaches, healing both my mind and body which has formed the basis of my unique recovery programme.

I have over 10 years experience in mental health, with 2 years training to become Master of Hypnotherapy & Coaching

Specialist Eating Disorder Therapist, working with 100s of clients online and face to face as part of my programme You Unleashed.

 Collaboration with FEAST Eating Disorder Charity, leading their 2020 digestive health initiative and writer for The Butterfly Foundation, Australia's largest Eating Disorder Charity, Recovery Warriors & Wellthoughts platforms.


Over 12 years experience in Digestive Health, from leading Gastroenterologist at St Marks Hospital, London.

Master your Minds Multi-Method, Holistic approach to Therapy & Coaching

Over the last 12 years I have immersed myself in the field of Psychology & mental health, qualifying in BSc Biological sciences, Msc. Psychology, Master of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic programming (NLP), Life Coaching & Sales. 


No one size fits all & we will work together using an entirely unique approach, tailored towards your way of thinking using a wide range of tools, strategies & techniques from different areas of therapy & coaching under one plan. We will resolve those deep rooted emotional issues which are keeping you stuck, address your fears and worries and build up your strength, confidence and self-esteem so you can finally break free and start living as your true self.


Find Master your Mind online & at Optimum Health Essentials, 1691 Pittwater Road, Mona Vale, 2103  |  Tel: 0432 445 320


Make a commitment to yourself today!

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