Hypnotherapy & Recovery Coaching for Addictions to help you get back in control and transform your life!

How many times have you tried to give up ‘your addiction’?


But with all the willpower in the world you still find yourself stuck in the same cycle of behaviour EVEN THOUGH you know what you ‘should’ and need to do?!


This tends to happen as a result of trying to quit the behaviour without having the understanding first. This is like putting a plaster over a pain in your leg- not effective!

We can help with a range of addictive behaviours:


Alcohol/binge drinking



Nail biting

Co-dependency in relationships

Screens & technology

Compulsive spending



How is it different?

Do you want to stop your addiction and have tried medications, therapy,  going cold turkey, or any number of natural remedies that will supposedly suppress those cravings that itch at you every day, and surprise-surprise none of them have worked, or at least, not in the long term.

Why? While traditional treatments address the chemical nature of your addiction, they fail to treat the root cause, which is found in the unconscious. 


Addiction hypnotherapy Sydney and recovery coaching Sydney available at Master your Mind hypnotherapy Sydney is different for this exact reason.

While our conscious mind is geared toward logic, the unconscious does not respond to logic and so regardless of the overwhelming evidence that your behaviour is harmful, the compulsion to just have one more drink, cigarette, drug etc. is driven by the emotional response, as opposed to the potential risks. When our addictive behaviour is used as a means to release anxiety, stress, sadness or other negative emotions, the unconscious calls for it over and over again.

This learned behaviour typically stems from an experience or first response to a similar situation and given the addictive nature of many behaviours, it can be extremely difficult to say no and suffer through their specific emotional state.

Change in 5 simple but powerful steps

Addiction treatment Sydney

Hypnotherapy for addictions Sydney



1. Establish your motivation to change & create a plan to resolve the ‘benefits’ you get from your addictive behaviour, whether it is stress, anxiety, bad habit, social or boredom relief.

2. Uncover your unconscious patterns holding you back

We uncover your unconscious patterns, beliefs and self imposed limitations which are at the root of the reason WHY you carry out your addictive behaviour.

3. Personalised Hypnosis

We carry out Customised Addiction Aversion hypnosis tailored to you, the way you behave and your goal.

4. Building new, positive neurological pathways in your mind

We switch your neural pathways from negative thinking to positive thoughts.

5. Building self-belief and confidence

We work on building your self-esteem, confidence and belief that you can quit for good.


Don’t waste another moment living with a habit you no longer want in your life.


Its not too late.

Your first thirty-minute strategy consultation is free at Master your Mind hypnotherapy for addictions Sydney and we even offer a lifetime guarantee that ensures that if our treatment fails any follow-up consultations are completely free.


So, with that in mind remember that with hypnotherapy for addictions Sydney there’s nothing to lose but potentially everything to gain.

Working with me is not just about quitting an unwanted behaviour or habit. There could be a permanent life transformation waiting to happen!

Find Master your Mind hypnotherapy for addictions Northern Beaches at Optimum Health Essentials, 1691 Pittwater Road, Mona Vale, 2103  |  Tel: 0432 445 320


Make a commitment to yourself today!

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