Master your Mind for Children and Teenagers

Hypnotherapy for Children and Teenagers to teach them to thrive 

Work harder, be better, aim higher, achieve more, behave better, be more sociable, play more sports, have more hobbies.

This list goes on and doesn’t just apply to adults- kids face these things too!

I become a victim to this from years old-a high achiever, perfectionist and highly influential. I spent the rest of school and uni life driving myself into the ground in order to succeed, setting unrealistic expectations & eventually breaking down.

Kids also need the tools to be able to deal with the pressures of growing up- to prevent things spiralling out of control, resulting in much more serious problems later on.

This forms part of WHY I do what I do- I want to help kids learn how to manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviours and grow up being the BEST version of themselves. I struggled for YEARS without this knowledge and this led to a severe eating disorder at 19 .

Our multi-method approach at Master your Mind is HIGHLY effective with kids as well as adults and we can help with:


  • School stress & worries

  • Social anxiety

  • Low confidence

  • Relationships & friendships

  • Exam stress

  • Communication

  • Fear of failure

Nip those little issues in the bud- trust me your kids will thank- you later!

Book in today for a free chat to find out more about how we can help your kids and your family!

Master your mind 6 step programme for children and teenagers
Free, no obligation first consultation
6 x 1:1 OR family sessions
Between session support programme
Mid-session check in 
Tools & tips to keep you on track
24/7 support from myself
Email for prices; we offer various levels depending on your needs and requirements
FREE 20 min consultation
call 0432 445 320 TODAY!
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