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"I discovered Hannah Boardman and her Master Your Mind programme in a time of desperation. I had tried various methods to help me deal with my depression and anxiety like tradition therapy and CBT programmes, but my problems were never resolved and would always return. I reached a point where I truly thought that it wasn’t going to get better and I would have these issues my entire life. However, Master Your Mind brought a new approach I hadn’t even thought of before. I learnt techniques that could be applied to my everyday life in moments of anxiety and depression while also getting to the root cause of the problems and addressing those issue.


Hannah helped me see things in a new light and while it is still difficult to erase self-deprecating thoughts I’ve had throughout my life with her support and guidance I know its something I’m capable of doing. Her passion to help others radiates through her work by her always offering support whenever needed and tailoring all therapy sessions and techniques to your specific needs. I’m truly grateful I stumbled upon her Instagram page late one night during a moment of desperation for help as she has genuinely changed my life for the better. I would recommend Hannah and her programme, ten times over."


I just wanted to say thank you again for everything❤


For anyone considering this new, modern way of Hypnotherapy/coaching, don’t be concerned. Best thing I’ve ever done and I feel like I have learned so much from having access to more than one therapy approach with Master your Mind. 


I am shocked at how quickly I began to feel better. Hannah worked so closely with me, giving me so many tools that have helped me to identify my triggers and to manage them into calmer behaviour. 


Everyday life is so much easier and I face problems with a new attitude and approach which is healthier and more effective. Thank-you!

P.M. 13/04/2018

It’s really difficult to believe how much of my life, before seeing you, was spent in a state of high anxiety. It kind of felt normal! 


Since working with Hannah at Master your Mind I have been able to admit to myself the extent of my problems, and become so much more aware of my thoughts, feelings and behavioural patterns and common triggers. 


You gave me both in-session and between session support with so many tools to help me when those triggers made an appearance and I feel so much more in control of my life now.


Honestly so many of the things you have done with me, the things i know understand about myself and the extra time and effort you put into our sessions have helped me more than you would ever know! I appreciate everything you have done for me, I wouldn't have been able to make the changes I needed to and in such a short space of time. Thank-you Hannah


I was so surprised at how different I felt after such a short space of time and I don’t really know what it was that helped me to finally get ‘unstuck’. I guess that’s the power of Master your Mind hypnosis! I feel much more confident in my ability to let go of things that have caused me issues in the past and to focus on my future. Which is so exciting! 


The techniques taught to me by Hannah have ensured that I am able to help myself through challenging times, while not letting my emotions get away from me.

I have found my sessions with Hannah very helpful. I now feel like I don't have that big stress and fear around dogs and animals like I did before. I can now, thanks to Hannahs help and full support between our sessions, see my phobia not as a problem, but as a growth opportunity. I am still on the journey to learning more about myself and noticing my triggers and emotions. I am going to continue learning with Hannahs help and I am more confident and relaxed than ever before.


Iv been doing sessions with Hannah for over a year and she completely helped me change the mental side of my boxing career. She’s super professional and her knowledge in sport psychology is at another level. She helped me focus and also address any new problems that would come up throughout a training camp. Would help me change the way I view them and turn them into a positive. She changed my mental game and turned any doubts into strengths. She was always a text away as well so even outside the sessions I could talk about stuff, I would listen to her tapes every night and they would mentally prepare me and get me into the zone. Making me love my job and be so confident about what I wanted to achieve. With boxing the mental game is by far the hardest challenge and Hannah made it a strength for me. I would recommend any athlete to her!

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