Feel understood, supported & empowered, not broken 

Let me cut to the chase......

Until you resolve what is going on inside first, you will never live the life you want

Are you:

> Enticed by the shiny quick fix solution? 

> Constantly trying to manage your triggers?

> Always avoiding uncomfortable situations?

> Trying to make changes to your diet and eating habits but feeling worse?


The problem is, for most people these externally-focused approaches on their own do not work and can actually make you feel worse in the long-run.




It’s not the COMPLETE solution. You can’t use a quick fix to permanently influence and resolve issues at all levels of the mind (both the conscious and subconscious), your body & your spirit



It’s a band-aid just giving you false hope. The things which are driving your issues are left untouched & will continue to hold you back no matter how many band-aids you use. 


Band-aids make you focus on your problem behaviours more which can make them feel worse rather than better.



Working on yourself involves rewiring your brain and re-learning a whole new way of being. This is like learning a new skill, to which you will make mistakes along the way. This needs the help of an expert who has been in your shoes and understands the challenges you are facing.

The ONE thing you need to know

What you are going through right now is not a weakness, it is actually a huge opportunity. You have this thing screaming at you that this is your chance to create a remarkable transformation in your life, something which by, when you break free it will prove to you that you can do anything you set your mind to!



A personalised programme of support to help you permanently overcome your struggles with food. This is built on the foundations of true understanding, no judgement and trust.

You will be guided through a 4-step process focusing on you as a whole person (not your label) to build your strength and self-belief that you can do this. You will be supported every step of the way and we won’t stop until you are free.

Because your size does not define you.

Are you ready to break free and start living?


Let me show you the way. 

You unleashed is for you if you are ready to:

Leave the life you are living behind once and for all

Build a close support system of people who understand and are united to help you change

Take an inside out approach to freeing yourself

Understand this is not a quick fix, it will take time and consistent effort but you are willing to do so

Resolve any deep, emotional blockages which have stopped you from being able to break free

Challenge yourself, your feelings and old ways of thinking and acting

Be more than what you eat, weigh or look like

Find out who you really are and what you have to offer the world

Find out whether we would be a good fit to work together!


I offer a free 30 minute discovery session, for us to get to know each other, find out what is going on for you right now and how I may be able to help.

Choosing the right support is essential for you to make the changes you deserve.


I know how important this decision is and I want to make sure I can support you in the best way I can (whether you chose to work with me or go elsewhere).


Make a commitment to yourself today!

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