Hypnotherapy for Depression & Anxiety Sydney, putting you back in control so you can move forward with confidence

Are you struggling with some emotional challenges or feelings that get in your way of achieving what you want from life.

Do you sense that there is some problem, but you aren’t exactly sure what it is.


Does something, year after year, keep you from living your best life and even causes your well-intentioned efforts to fail.


Every time things don’t work out as you planned them, do you find yourself falling further and further behind?



Imagine being able to achieve what you want in life without the constant struggle. Imagine bounding out of bed each day, feeling energised and positive about what the day will bring.  You can leave behind the fear and the doubt and the hardship with our help at Master your Mind Hypnotherapy for anxiety Sydney and Hypnotherapy for depression Sydney.



Relieving anxiety & depression in the long-term requires getting to the source of the problem. Merely treating the symptoms with medication does not solve the reason you are feeling that way.

Studies show that the average success rate for hypnotherapy for anxiety and hypnotherapy for depression was 93% after an average of 6 sessions compared to a 38% success rate after an average of 600 sessions of psychoanalysis.

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, you owe it to yourself, your family, and your friends to become a better you. You should never give up hope even if you have tried hypnotherapy for anxiety or depression in the past.


How is it different?

Central to the process is the idea that our conscious minds control our daily thoughts in terms of where we go and what we do, dealing with logic and getting us around in other words. However, it is in the unconscious mind that our responses to situations, feelings and emotions are stored.

The unconscious has no time for logic, which means that even though those who suffer anxiety or depression might understand that their feelings are just manifestations of the mind, but they cannot change the way they feel in relation to specific triggers and continue to repeat their behaviour patterns. The solution to breaking these patterns of behaviour is in a re-programming of the unconscious and removing the old, negative associations with positives using hypnotherapy for anxiety and hypnotherapy for depression Sydney.

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Change in 7 simple but powerful steps

Hypnotherapy for anxiety Sydney

Hypnotherapy for depression Sydney



1. Establish your motivation to change & the process of what your triggers are, how you do your anxiety or depression, accompanying emotions and how you want to be instead.

2. Uncover your unconscious patterns holding you back

We uncover your unconscious patterns, beliefs and self imposed limitations which are at the root of the reason WHY you feel the way you do

3. Eliminate negative emotions

We work on reframing and unconsciously transforming accompanying negative emotions such as sadness, anger, loneliness, hurt.

4. Building new, positive neurological pathways in your mind

We switch your neural pathways from negative thinking to positive thoughts.

5. Eliminate limiting beliefs by establishing and then reframing the source.

6. Building self-belief and confidence

We work on building your self-esteem, confidence and belief you can change.

7. Teach you tools and strategies you can use whenever you face your triggers outside of our sessions.


Put a stop to your unconscious patterns of self-sabotage, and make positive, permanent steps toward a new confident and happy you using hypnosis for anxiety and hypnosis for depression.


Contact me at Master your Mind Hypnotherapy Northern Beaches to arrange a complimentary consultation. We’ll discuss your challenges and develop a personalised and safe program to suit you and your goals.

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