How many of us have something we would like to change? Yet with all the willpower and determination in the world we still find ourselves giving in, often feeling like we are powerless to stop it no matter how hard we try?This represents our conscious and subconscious minds basically having a battle with one another. 

We can think of our mind as an iceberg.


As the iceberg floats in the water, the huge mass of it remains below the surface. Only a small is visible above the surface. The conscious mind is what we notice above the surface while the unconscious mind, the largest and most powerful part, remains unseen below the surface.


However, because this is the main driver of our thinking, being and 90% of our daily behaviour, unless we effect change at this level we cannot really get very far in terms of resolving deep-rooted issues which are taking effect under the surface of the water!

Hypnotherapy targets the subconscious, enabling us to access those issues which we just can’t seem to kick into touch. Using this,
IN COMBINATION with NLP communication tools and techniques AND discovering your purpose and setting goals with life coaching to get your life back on track you can finally start to see improvements at all levels of your mind! Plus, the great thing about this approach is that it is FAST and LONG-LASTING, where you WILL see progress in as little as 3 SESSIONS at Master your Mind Hypnotherapy Northern Beaches.


The aim of our approach at Master your Mind hypnotherapy Northern Beaches is to change people’s habits and attitudes in order to treat specific conditions or alleviate certain problems. This can help you achieve particular aims, such as losing weightstopping smokingreducing anxietydepression or treating other conditions.

Although many people like to think they act in a completely logical manner, many of their actions are governed by their unconscious. This often causes you to do things that aren’t logical — eating too much food you know isn’t good for you, smoking and drinking to excess, taking actions you wouldn’t do if you really thought about it sensibly.

That’s a result of habits and attitudes you’ve picked up over the course of your life and which have become ingrained in your unconscious.

The aim of Cognitive Hypnotherapy at Master your Mind hypnotherapy Northern Beaches is to get rid of some of the bad habits and attitudes from your unconscious and replace them with ones that you’d prefer.

Stress is part of our daily lives; there are no two ways about it. Each person experiences the world in different ways and how the environment we live in affects us resonates deep within our unconscious.

Where negative emotions are left unresolved, these often manifest as recurrent habits or ticks and where left to fester can grow into more complex problems. 

Cognitive Hypnotherapy uses the mind’s natural abilities to alleviate stress, remove emotional burdens and achieve personal goals personalised to each client. It is safe, effective and most importantly addresses the root cause of the physical or psychological issue, or stressor, and reprograms the mind to move forward and deal with it in a positive, life-affirming way.

The process of Cognitive Hypnotherapy involves us working with you to induce a trance-like state, similar to daydreaming, via the process of hypnosis, and then, once the conscious mind has been switched off we the will begin the process of identifying the root cause of your issue.

Once a clear sense of the underlying issue has been determined we can then begin the process of eliminating these negative emotions using a variety of techniques, interventions and teaching the client tools and strategies they can implement themselves.

Master your Mind Hypnotherapy Northern Beaches uses:

Cognitive Hypnotherapy; a modern approach to wide-spread conventional hypnosis, based on a model using psychotherapy, behaviour psychology, language, positive psychology and traditional hypnosis. 

No generic scripts, pre-recordings or labelling of problems- it is entirely bespoke to you!

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