Remember this is NOT your rehearsal life.
It's time that you realised you are worthy & deserving of so much more than where you are right now. Together we will break you free so you can start living as your true self & ultimately create the life you know you deserve.


I’m Hannah, Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Coach.

I help girls & women reclaim their lives so food & weight no longer defines them. They find their voice, tap into their power and ultimately unleash their true, free selves into the world.

I see you   and I know where you are right now. Do you feel like you are trapped in your own body, being controlled by a voice inside your own head, screaming at you that you are not good enough, worthy enough, thin enough, successful enough? I know what that’s like, I have been there too. 


Are you fed up, exhausted and totally over being all consumed by these kinds of thoughts on a daily basis?

Are you ready to say goodbye to your food issues or eating disorder once & for all? 


You already have everything within you to break free and start living as your true self.


Let me show you the way. 

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Your life only gets better when you get better

After 10 years of Anorexia and Bulimia I finally broke free and left that life of food and weight obsession behind me.


This is why I have dedicated my life to helping women like you because I know where you are, how hard it is to reach out for help and all the challenges that come with resolving the issues which have led you down your destructive path. 


None of this is your fault, you are not ill, broken or unfixable. You just need the right support from someone who has been in your shoes, who builds a plan that matches you and your needs and is there to guide you every step of the way.


Together we will create a unique plan of action to resolve the deep rooted emotional and behavioural issues which are keeping you stuck and build your strength by teaching you tools and strategies so you will be equipped with your own toolbox to deal with whatever life throws at you.



Helping women with food issues or eating disorders to break free from the food and weight obsession trap and get back in touch with their true, fearless selves.

Because your size does not define you.



Work 1:1 with me on your own unique programme to directly target & resolve the reasons why you may feel stuck with your problem & stop the subconscious self-sabotage.

Because you have the power to change


Who do I work with?

I specialise in helping girls and women struggling with food, weight or eating disorders through my online programme called ‘ You Unleashed' . My aim is to help them realise that they are so much more than the way they look or what they eat, so they can finally break free from their life controlled by food and self-hate.


Working together we build their strength and confidence so they can unleash their true, free selves into the world.

A large part of my work involves Cognitive Hypnotherapy, helping clients overcome anxiety,  depression, smokingaddictions, gut issues  and weight concerns. All of these things are the symptoms, things which we suffer from trying to navigate through the challenges of life!


My clients no longer feel the need to battle internally, they feel motivated, free and inspired to start living life in the way they choose.

What makes working with me at Master your Mind different to other Therapists & Coaches?

Unlike other therapy and coaching options which often only "talk" about your problems, Master your Mind offers a unique, modern approach, working with you to develop your own bespoke programme with 24/7 support between sessions. This uses a variety of different therapies and coaching methods to equip you with your own toolbox of strategies necessary to help you think differently and create lasting behavioural change for you to be able to start living free as your true self, with direction, purpose and so much to offer the world.

My whole approach is based on empowerment rather than illness; you are not ill, broken or damaged. What you are going through right now is not a weakness, it is actually a huge opportunity. You have this thing screaming at you that this is your chance to create a remarkable transformation in your life, something which by, when you break free it will prove to you that you can do anything you set your mind to!


How we work is entirely up to you:

Face to face



Combination sessions

Individual or group sessions

My clients come from all corners of the world, distance is no object. Master your Mind is based in Sydney, Australia, however all services can be provided online.

I want to work with YOU if you are 100% ready to make some profound changes to your mind, body and your life, know you deserve better and are committed to invest in yourself and our work together. Let’s get excited and take action.

This is your chance to build a better life for yourself and I want to help you do that. You are not alone.

Are you ready to say goodbye to what has been holding you back once & for all? 


You already have everything within you to break free and start living as your true self.


Let me show you the way. 

The 7 key differences in what I will offer you....

You are not just another client
I have been there too
I will give you 150% back
Full support outside of sessions
A toolbox of practical tools
Multi-method, holisitic approach


My practice is not just focused on helping individuals, it is focused on helping people around the world!

When you make a commitment to work with me to build a better future for yourself, you are also contributing to ending global hunger.

In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 goals for a better world by 2030. These goals have the power to end poverty, fight inequality and address the urgency of climate change.


Guided by the goals, it is now up to all of us, governments, businesses, civil society and the general public to work together to build a better future for everyone.

Every time a new client commits to working with me, I also commit to giving 1% of my time to the global goal of ZERO HUNGER.

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Are you ready to say goodbye to what has been holding you back once & for all? 


You already have everything within you to break free and start living as your true self.


Let me show you the way. 

Get Inspired.... 

HH. Conquered Binge Eating & Anxiety

Having tried so many other therapies I had lost hope. Hannah showed an entirely new approach, working on the root cause of my issues first rather than treating my symptoms. She also taught me strategies to help me manage my triggers. Now I can see a way out. Thank-you!

C.B Bulimia & Anorexia

I suffered with my Eating Disorder for 20 years and I had tried everything to try and stop but there was something stopping me. Within 10 weeks I had stopped wanting to binge- I was shocked and never thought this would ever happen! I feel so much better physically and mentally and I am feeling like the old me again.

L.W Conquered Smoking after 25 years

Smoking was ‘my thing’, my coping mechanism. Working with Hannah made me realise that my problem had nothing to do with smoking at all! It was a crutch I used to help me escape as I didn’t feel good enough. This made me realise I didn’t need cigarettes- this behaviour was no longer serving me. This was a HUGE lightbulb moment and something I never even realise

M.W. Conquered Health Anxiety

I was living in fear with every piece of bad news, medical appointment & pain or twinge. We worked on the deep-rooted anxiety causing me to automatically react in these situations & Hannah built up my confidence with strategies to help me remain in control. I feel so much more positive, settled and with this deep knowing that I can cope & that everything is going to be ok!

S.K. Conquered Emotional Eating & Low Self-Esteem

I was stuck in a daily cycle of stress, overwhelm, working frantically, that every night was the same thing; come home, collapse and overeat. I hated myself. I couldnt even look in the mirror. I have learnt so much about my mind, myself and I now have a huge toolbox of tools to use to help me manage my emotions without needing food. My life feels calmer, I feel more in control and I have even lost 5KG! Over the moon, thank-you Hannah!

J.B Conquered Financial fears & Stress

Hannah has a very unique gift guiding your innermost thoughts from the deepest levels of your unconscious to conscious thinking. 

Peeling away the layers of grief, anxiety & self-limiting beliefs that have been holding me back from truly moving forward in my life. She has given me the tools and techniques to realise all levels of perceived negative thinking can be investigated through deep inquiry within. I now know my life is not destined for failure from holding onto past memories of emotional trauma & this is the power of mindset that Hannah has instilled.

KF. Conquered Pro Boxing Mindset

Hannah has completely changed my mental game and turned any doubts into strengths. Her knowledge in Sport Psychology is at another level. She was always a text away, I would listen to her tapes every night and they would mentally prepare me and get me into the zone. Making me love my job and be so confident about what I wanted to achieve. With boxing the mental game is by far the hardest challenge and Hannah made it a strength for me. I would recommend any athlete to her!

T.W. Conquered Bulimia & Lack of Self-Belief

On stressful days I would not eat all day and when I got home, it was like having an out of body experience binging on whatever I could get my hands on. I felt disgusted when I looked in the mirror. I learnt how to deal with my binge urges through a practical strategy and I learnt how to manage my emotions with within, rather than looking outside myself to make me feel better. I feel so powerful!  

S.H Conquered Nail Biting & Anxiety

I have been biting my nails for as long as I remember. I thought it was just a bad habit, but actually it went so much deeper than that. This is what we delved into first and I was shocked that I went through some days without even realising I wasnt biting my nails! In just 3 sessions I went from ripping my nails to pieces to barely touching them- when I did it was like something awoke inside me and I immediately stopped!


Make a commitment to yourself today!

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A sneak peak into your unique 'You Unleashed' programme

Your own unique, 
personalised programme
Your own unique between-session support programme
Diet & Gastrointestinal symptom management 
Weekly outcome-based 1:1 sessions
Practical motivational tasks to complete between sessions 
Access to free motivational tools & advice
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