Are you resourced & RESILIENT?

What if COVID-19 was here to teach you something?

For many of you in corona virus self-isolation, on lock down and working from home this is a time of high uncertainty, fear and anxiety. But what if this COVID-19 pandemic could actually teach you something about you!

  • How do you tend to cope when life throws you a curve ball?

  • How well resourced are you to deal with something that comes into your life out of the blue?

  • How well are you able to adapt and flex to sudden changes which are out of your control?

What if this pandemic was a huge sign, a reality check for you to weigh up your coping strategies and see if they are actually working for you?

  • Do you turn to food when stressed and emotionally eat?

  • Do you going into restriction to regain some sense of control?

  • Do you try to distract yourself with always going to the gym?

  • Do you take something to help manage your anxiety and overwhelm?

This corona virus pandemic just another example of things that can happen to us in life which is completely out of control. We can have a plan and then something like this completely blindsights us and knocks off off-track. We panic because we cannot directly influence what is going to happen to us and this is what creates all that anxiety and fear which we look to try and get rid of as quick as possible; often turning to food, alcohol and other unhealthy habits to help us cope.

This is exactly why we need to use this time as an opportunity and a way to develop the mental strategies and skills to be able deal with whatever life throws at us, taking back control of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours from the inside-out, not the outside in (looking to food or distractions in our environment). Until we do this we will continue to feel out of control, fearful and uncertain when life thows us a curve ball and resort back to the behaviours which we know as not good for us.

We will never know what is around the corner, but all we can be certain of is our ability to face and tackle challenges with the knowing that we are doing all we can to get ourselves through it in the safest way possible!

I am running RESOURCED & READY- 9 days to strong starting 6th April- with daily trainings, strategies and unlimited support to help you thrive during this difficult time. Click the link below to join the group before the 6th of April!

Any worries or concerns about Covid-19 contact Hannah at

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