Empathy is the Superpower You Need to succeed at anything!

Empathy is a superpower because it allows us to escape the prisons of our own experiences and journey into the life of another human being

What is Empathy?

Empathy is the ability not only to understand what someone else is feeling or experiencing, but also the ability to share that feeling or experience. Empathy is more profound than sympathy and more intense than being able to identify with someone else.

Empathy isn’t just being able to walk in someone else’s shoes; it’s being able to forget yourself and to be someone else as you walk in their shoes.

Some people are born with a natural ability to empathize with others. As a culture, we are becoming more aware of empaths, people who take on, often unwittingly, the emotions of those around them. However, empathy, like virtually any other talent or ability, can be developed and honed with practice and discipline.

All of us can become more empathetic, even if few of us will ever be empaths.

How Empathy is a Superpower

Empathy is not the same as mind reading. In many ways, being empathic is even more powerful. You may not be able to see someone’s thoughts, but if you understand the depth of their feeling, you can predict their behaviour with disquieting accuracy.

Imagine being a marketer who could genuinely feel the pain of the target market for a product or service. What if you understand all the contours of their deepest fears? How much more effective would your campaigns be?

Think about being a writer who understood the range of feelings someone was going through as their lives fell apart because of the death of a spouse. How much sharper would your newspaper story, novel, or web article be?

Consider what it would be like to be a pediatric oncologist who not only intellectually understood the pain and confusion of your patients but could viscerally know the depth of the pain and confusion of the children you cared for, and the pangs of panic their parents were desperately working to suppress.

No matter what your job is, how would it be different if you had greater empathy for those you worked with, worked for, and the customers, patients, and clients you served?

Empathy makes up better at our jobs because it makes us better humans. Empathy is the one skill that AI cannot replicate. It allows us to form deeper bonds faster. It allows us to make better decisions.

Empathy is a superpower because it allows us to escape the prisons of our own experiences and journey into the life of another human being.

Empathy is a superpower because it allows us to escape the prisons of our own experiences and journey into the life of another human being.

How to master your empathy

  • When you feel a wave of emotional energy first try asking, “Is this mine?” If you feel the energy start to dissipate, that’s a good indicator it’s coming from something outside of you. If it doesn’t dissipate right away, don’t automatically assume it’s yours. This can take time and practice to master.

  • Cleanse your empathic receptors: Imagine your solar plexus open and expansive. Allow energy to move through and challenge yourself to feel the flow.

  • Go to a public place like a restaurant or coffee shop. Pick someone to focus on and imagine connecting your solar plexus to theirs. An easy subject in the beginning is to focus on someone who appears animated in conversation or emphatic about something. See if you can sense the underlying emotional energy being emitted. Don’t let your mind intrude with clues from their facial expressions or body language. Keep this between you and your emotional energy system. See if you can really feel their emotional energy. Again, this takes practice.

As you start to live life more connected to your own emotions, and as you listen and observe others more closely, you will begin to change. You will begin to feel the heartache of loss, even when you haven’t lost. You will feel the joy of victories so small that you never before even considered them.

But, it will not come fast. Empathy, like mindfulness, is a discipline. Developing empathy will change you slowly and imperceptibly at first. But, over weeks, months, years, and decades you will become a different person.

You will be endowed with a superpower.

With Great Power…

The biggest cliché in all of comics is the notion that “With great power comes great responsibility.”

If you develop empathy, you will have to decide what to do with your power. What ethical guideline will you follow? You could use empathy to manipulate people and make stacks of cash.

Once you truly understand how people are feeling and why they feel the way they do, the world is full of possibilities for you.

Will you use your superpower selfishly, or will you work to make the world a better place?

The most significant difference between superheroes and supervillains isn’t their powers; it’s their choices.

Empathy is the superpower you need to succeed at anything. Hopefully, if you choose to develop it, you will use your power wisely.

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