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Updated: Feb 2

Ever gone for therapy and halfway through thought; “I just don’t think this is right for me?”.

Story of my life! I remember going to so many therapies which only helped to some extent. Now the missing ingredient here was that I didn’t have the understanding of my mind, how it worked and how I did my eating disorder. With food problems these are problems are so unique to that person, their personality, emotions, situations, places, people, that there is no one size fits all approach.

And this is the problem. Traditional approaches look to put you in a box and label you and assign a treatment to your label rather than the other way around and look at the person who they are and how they do their emotional eating/ bulimia/ binge eating etc. Now I only made true progress when I first had that understanding of how my mind worked because I could use that information to guide what strategies, treatments I took and what tools I used to recover, I used my mind to influence the approach I was going to take.

This was so much more successful than looking for a treatment to fit my label- which I hated, so this is a slight switch in how we approach recovery, looking at ourselves and what treatment would fit us and not the other way around.

I going to share the tool I used to help figure this out- this is a key basic tool we all need to help us not just with food and eating but to overcome all problems in our lives.

Let me know your thoughts and happy to answer any questions about what to do next!


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