what does hypnosis feel like? what is trance? what does hypnosis mean?

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

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What is hypnosis? What does hypnosis feel like?

Based on what we hear in the media and what we see on TV trance is usually seen as some weird altered state that somehow the therapist can ‘put’ you into. A state where it is believed you are ‘under’ some magical power, totally out of control and your thoughts, feelings and behaviours handed over to the mercy of the therapist!

Have you seen people apparently being put into trance to then start running around like a monkey or talking like a baby? This always makes me giggle…

I want to share with you a different way of looking at trance, one of which explains a lot of our day to day behaviours.

Now listen carefully….

Guess what?

Trance is actually a NATURAL, EVERYDAY occurrence!

What does trance feel like?

How many times have you driven somewhere with no memory of the journey or missed whole conversations by being distracted? These are all examples of an altered state of consciousness or as we call trance!

Trance is also in the things you want to change; do you get stressed by something that shouldn’t bother you or give in to temptation when you are trying to stick to a diet for example- again this is you in a negative trance!

What is driving these automatic behaviours?

The engine for these natural trance states is our unconscious mind which is buried deep down in our brains. The unconscious is responsible for processing all out habitual, automatic behaviours and habits; including those negative behaviours which have become so ingrained we now do them without even realising!

Research has now shown that 90% of what we do each day is unconsciously driven i.e. without us even realising what we are doing! This unconscious part of our brains is seriously powerful right!

So it isn’t the therapist who is in control when you are in trance it is actually you! But working deep down from the unconscious part of your brain! The therapists role in all of this is actually to help DE-HYPNOTISE YOU out of these problem behaviours and help to rewire your brain to enable you to move into a more positive and useful state of being.

Kind of like a reverse of what we traditionally think trance is all about!

What does trance feel like recap

So just to recap, the way trance is thought of in Cognitive Hypnotherapy is:

1. It is a natural, everyday occurance

2. When we drift off into some other state of consciousness, this is us in trance

3. Trance is driven by our unconscious mind, the part responsible for our habitual, automatic behaviours

4. 90% of what we do each day is unsconscious

5. Trance also occurs in the things we want to change i.e. our problem behaviour

6. Cognitive Hypnotherapy works to de-hypnotise you OUT of your problem behaviours and into a more helpful way of being.

Hypnosis FAQs & Trance FAQs

Is hypnosis safe?

Completely and utterly safe. You aren’t put in any situation to worry about, it purely involves experiencing a trance-like state so that the subconscious part of your brain is accessible. There are no detrimental effects with hypnosis.

How does hypnosis feel?

I have heard various descriptions of how it feels with the majority saying it is similar to a daydream. Cognitive Hypnotherapy uses only a light, natural trance so you will be fully in control of yourself at all times.

Will I fall asleep during hypnosis?

No. It is unusual for a deep trance to be employed with Cognitive Hypnotherapy so you will be far from a sleep-like state. Clients feel like they are in a bit of a daze or a daydream, it is not possible for this trance to become “stuck” in any way nor will you fall into a deep asleep.

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