what is reality? is reality just an illusion?

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

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Do you want to know something utterly mind blowing? Well, when I found this out on my first weekend of Cognitive Hypnotherapy training I totally lost it! What is reality? What is real?

Ask yourselves these questions:

· How much of what I am seeing around me is there?

· How much of what I am trusting is there?

· How much of what bothers me is how it really is?

Guess what…..NONE OF IT!!!!

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS REALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do we know this?

Research has shown that 80% of what we see around us is not real!

The majority of our experiences are based on our brains computing information and memories we already have stored and looking for the best match to our current situation. Therefore, what we think is reality is actually just our brain projecting stored information from our memory!

How mad is that? I found this very difficult to get my head around; that WE ARE THE CREATORS OF OUR REALITY! We are just projecting a mix match of our past experiences and memories.

So, this got me thinking; if there is no such thing as reality, that the majority is just what our brain is making up, why don’t we choose to experience and project something good over something bad?

Delving into memory- the remembered present

There is evidence to suggest that our memory exists to make sense of the present. As we have already discussed, we now know that 80% of what we see around us is actually information that we are projecting. When we look at something we are not seeing it just as it is, but with layers of personal interpretation added.

For example, if you look at an apple it’s easy to miss the fact that it comes with an attitude towards it; do you like them or hate them? Red or green? Whole or sliced?

An apple is an apple until we look at it, then it becomes our version of an apple.

Your brain is constantly shuttling backwards into the past to look for relationships between what’s happening to you now and what’s happened before. It then uses the connections it finds to predict what is likely to happen to you next.

If your brain finds a connection between a current event and an event in the past that was interpreted by your brain as negative it was imagine a negative consequence coming your way. To defend you from that it triggers a protection response, which takes control of your actions away from you and goes through a predictable series of behaviours designed to help, even if they don’t!

If, on the other hand your brain connects your present situation to a positive past event, it predicts a pleasant impeding future.

We tend to get the future we expect

Success breeds the expectation of success just as failure breeds more of its own kind.

Each subsequent event, matched to the original, has the potential to enhance the response in a lesser or greater way, to add a variation to the context or to dampen it.

The course of our lives is influenced by our interpretation of what happens to us as we meander through the world and that interpretation is overwhelmingly unconscious.

Remember this; the more something happens the more our brain believes it will happen again.

Just to recap on what is reality

I know, this seems like a CRAZY concept, but if we think about how we can use this information to help us in everyday life it can actually be beneficial. So, if, to us, the world is not as it really is, it is what our brain makes it appear to be, this means we are the root of our problems but also our solutions.

The next time you are experiencing something negative, finding yourself in a stressful situation, feeling anxious, worried or angry over something, tell yourself; “this experience IS NOT REAL, this is just my brain projecting some mix match information from my past and I can choose to project something positive as there is no such thing as reality!”


Forget reality, forget the truth of things. You are living in a hologram of your brain’s devising which is made up of ideas about the world, ideas the brain feels help it navigate the future most beneficially.

Let me know what you think about this mad topic! Is your mind blown too?

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