why do we develop bad habits? Behind every behaviour is always a positive intention

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

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What? Even our problem behaviours??? This may seem a crazy concept; that the things causing us harm actually have every intention of bringing us some sort of benefit!

what causes our bad habits?

If any aspect of our day to day lives is being ‘red flagged’ by our unconscious mind as a potentially stressful it acts to treat it as if it was a threat, which in turns triggers our fight or flight response to get you away from it.

So, for example, going to pieces in an interview is actually the struggle between your unconscious trying to get you away from that situation and your conscious fighting to stay put. You can see why a basic assumption we use is “all behaviour has a purpose”; even when that behaviour is having a negative effect it has a positive intention behind it.

what happens during the fight or flight response?

When the fight or flight response is triggered your body is flooded with hormones that perform certain functions, like increasing respiration, body temperature and moving blood to the muscles from any area of the body that isn’t involved in fighting for survival.

That accounts for the butterflies in the stomach.

It also takes blood from the brain because you don’t need to think to fight or run away.

So, you can basically think or feel, but not both at the same time. The moment the feeling of anxiety or nervousness reaches a certain level you become physically less able to think – that is why your mind goes blank and you struggle to put together a sentence.

But boy could you run from a tiger!

This model of mental functioning can be used to explain the basis of many problems.

Even smoking.

If you had an experience when you were younger that led your unconscious to believe that smoking was a good thing (like it made you feel like you ‘belonged’), then it will continue to motivate you to crave cigarettes, no matter how much you consciously wish to stop.

It can be a mystery to us why we get locked into behaviours, beliefs and habits which we know reduce the quality of our life. It is because the unconscious tends to keep the thought patterns that generate them out of our awareness.

Our unconscious is so much more powerful than we realise… actually accounts for about 90% of our daily behaviour. So, this means that we spend the majority of our day behaving in a way which is outside our control and without us even realising!

We may think we have the power but really it is mainly in the hands of our unconscious mind….crazy right!

What is the best way to work on our unconscious minds? The power of hypnotherapy! This bypasses the conscious mind and specifically targets the unconscious, working to reframe our past and build new, stronger neurological connections. The best thing about it, is it doesn’t feel like work for us- we don’t have to even think!

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