Quit Smoking Hypnosis Sydney for Simple, Effective & Permanent Changes to your Life

We all know smoking is not good for us. We hear this often enough from family and friends! And yet, why do so many struggle to kick the habit? Why do people continue to smoke, despite knowing it’s costly to their wallet, their health, and sometimes even their relationships?


Statistics tell us that 72% of smokers want to quit…and yet they find they can’t. That’s 72% of people being controlled by the habit, despite their best intentions.


Imagine walking away from cigarettes without a second thought.  No desire to ‘just finish the packet’ or ‘quit at the end of the week’.  Quit cold turkey and never worry about a relapse.  Feel strong and in control.  With Cognitive Hypnotherapy at Master your Mind quit smoking hypnotherapy Northern Beaches it’s possible.

The compulsion to smoke actually comes from your unconscious mind, not your rational conscious mind.

Your unconscious mind does not respond to logic – which is why the increased risk of lung cancer is little incentive to quit.

With Cognitive Hypnotherapy at Master your Mind quit smoking hypnosis Northern Beaches, however, we can influence your unconscious mind, using positive suggestions and therapies.


Cigarettes contain many substances that are harmful to your health and general well-being. The tar that gets sucked into your lungs contains more than 4,000 chemicals, many of which are cancer causing or harmful in other ways, and these go to various parts of your body via your bloodstream.

Although some people smoke to reduce stress, that effect comes largely from the nicotine, an addictive drug that causes craving and other withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop smoking. The stress-relieving effect is short-lived and, longer term, smoking tends to increase stress levels.

The carbon monoxide that smokers take in reduces the level of oxygen in the blood, reducing energy levels and causing shortness of breath.​


Ask yourself; what’s stopping you from quitting smoking?"

You can’t deal with the withdrawal symptoms.

You fear gaining weight.

You don’t have the willpower.

You rely on cigarettes to relieve stress and relax.

You find it hard to resist smoking in social settings.

You take comfort from smoking in emotionally difficult times.


How is it different?

You’re a smoker who wants to quit and have tried the Nicorette patches, you’ve tried going cold turkey, you’ve tried any number of natural remedies that will supposedly suppress those cravings that itch at you every day, and surprise-surprise none of them have worked, or at least, not in the long term.

Why? Smoking is an addiction and while traditional treatments address the chemical nature of that addiction, they fail to treat the root cause, which is found in the unconscious. 


Quit smoking hypnotherapy Sydney available at Master your Mind Hypnotherapy Northern Beaches is different for this exact reason.

While our conscious mind is geared toward logic, the unconscious does not respond to logic and so regardless of the overwhelming evidence that smoking causes cancer, heart disease and brings about many other negative effects, the compulsion to have another is driven by the emotional response, as opposed to the potential risks. When smoking is used as a means to release anxiety and stress or to suppress appetite in hope of improving our self-perception by losing a few pounds, the unconscious calls for it over and over again.

This learned behaviour typically stems from an experience or first response to a similar situation and given the addictive nature of Nicotine, it can be extremely difficult for a smoker to say no and suffer through their specific emotional state.

Change in 5 simple but powerful steps

Quit smoking Hypnotherapy Northern Beaches



1. Establish your motivation to change & create a plan to resolve the ‘benefits’ you get from smoking, whether it is stress, anxiety, bad habit, social or boredom relief.

2. Uncover your unconscious patterns holding you back

We uncover your unconscious patterns, beliefs and self imposed limitations which are at the root of the reason WHY you smoke.

3. Personalised Hypnosis

We carry out Customised quit smoking hypnosis tailored to you, the way you smoke and your goal.

4. Building new, positive neurological pathways in your mind

We switch your neural pathways from negative thinking to positive thoughts.

5. Building self-belief and confidence

We work on building your self-esteem, confidence and belief that you can quit for good.

A report published in The New Scientist, produced by Schmidt and Viswesvaran of the University of Iowa, concluded after an exhaustive study of 600 other research projects covering some 70,000 people (including 48 studies of hypnosis covering 6,000 people) that…

 “Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking. Willpower, it turns out, counts for very little.”

90.6% success rate for stop smoking using hypnotherapy

Of 47 consecutive patients undergoing Cognitive hypnotherapy, 39 reported remaining abstinent from tobacco use at follow up of 6 months- 2 years 


Don’t waste another moment living with a habit you no longer want in your life.


Your first thirty-minute strategy consultation at Master your Mind quit smoking Hypnotherapy Sydney is free and we even offer a lifetime guarantee that ensures that if our treatment fails any follow-up consultations are completely free.


So, with that in mind remember that with quit smoking hypnosis Sydney there’s nothing to lose but potentially everything to gain.

Find Master your Mind quit smoking hypnotherapy Northern Beaches at Optimum Health Essentials, 1691 Pittwater Road, Mona Vale, 2103

masteryourmind@mail.com  |  Tel: 0432 445 320


Make a commitment to yourself today!

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