Working through this programme I promise to help you transform

1. Feeling scared to reach out through fear of judgement and feeling that nobody truly understands

2. Having tried lots of different approaches you still feel stuck, doubt yourself and lose hope that you will ever be able to fully recover.

3. Feeling like your confidence and self-esteem is really suffering.

1. Feeling understood and fully supported with no judgement.


2. Feeling empowered and motivated, believing in yourself and that you will achieve full, long-lasting recovery. You build your vision and ambition for life.


3. Feeling strong and confident, sure of yourself and who you really are. 

I offer 2 programme options, depending on the level of support you feel would be most beneficial to where you are right now.


You are free to swap to the alternative option at any point in your recovery if you feel that your needs have changed.


The options are a pay per month programme, where your recovery investments is automatically renewed. I don't believe in setting a time limit for recovery; everything we do is entirely outcome based and focused on building up your strength and confidence to help you reach your goals.


Compared to other recovery programmes, I want to make this as affordable as possible. Everybody deserves to get the full support they need to be able to have the best chance of overcoming their eating disorder for good!



All I ask is that you are serious about giving recovery a real chance before signing up and you enter this process 100% committed. If you give me 100% I will give you 200% back. In that first week I spend a lot of time  getting to know you and working on your personal recovery plan in the first week of your programme.


AUD$ 595 p/m


AUD $795 p/m

Personalised recovery plan


Weekly 60 min session- face to face or online


Mid- week 20 minute phone/Skype call


Accountability tasks to complete between sessions


24/7 support via what's app, text or email


Bespoke recording to download & listen to


Diet & physical symptom support & guidance


Monthly 60 min family support session- face to face/phone or Skype


Weekly motivation emails with tips, tools and recovery strategies

Personalised recovery plan


Weekly 90 min session- face to face or online


Mid- week 30 minute phone/Skype call


Accountability tasks to complete between sessions


24/7 support via what's app, text or email


Bespoke recording to download & listen to


Diet & phsycial symptom support & guidance


Weekly 30 min or 2x monthly 60 min family support sessions- face to face/phone or Skype


Weekly motivation emails with tips, tools and recovery strategies for both client & their families

Try it for a week risk-free 

Seven Day Money Back Guarantee


It’s very important to me that you are happy with your recovery programme, so although you do pay for your first month when you sign up, I do offer a seven day refund policy.


This means that if you’re not happy for any reason (or no reason at all) within the first 7 days, you can request a full and immediate refund, no hassle, no questions asked.


“I found it so difficult to ask for help and admit something was wrong, my family seemed so judgemental and it really put strain on our relationship as they just couldnunderstand why I would be doing this to myself! As a result, I just carried on struggling in secret, but my eating disorder was getting worse and worse. When I joined Conquer XL, I finally felt like I could share the whole truth about my struggles and keeping motivated became so much easier. It was so reassuring and felt like a huge weight was lifted. Now, I have not binged for over a year, I am so much more focused on her career, my social life is the best it has been for years and I have never felt healthier and more alive.” JO.

After 2 years of many  unsuccessful recovery attempts I really began to doubt myself and I began to believe that I would never be able to overcome this. I was terrified that this would be my life. This was not a good place to be as I found myself exhausted and unmotivated, just giving in more easily to my ED and making more excuses. So my ED contined to control my life for another 2 years and I had lost hope all-together. However from my first Conquer session I felt inspired and empowered, knowing that Hannah had been where I was and understood how I was feeling. I went away feeling more motivated than I had in years. I through myself into the programme and Hannah gave me so much support, espeically at times between sessions when I really needed it. I left every session feeling stronger and empowered, rather than broken . I am begining to see the real me again and I am now excited for what lies ahead”. Jess.


“I was so scared of gaining weight and found myself having to restrict more and more to maintain their size as my body adapted. I kept this up for 18 months, until I just couldn’t fight the urges anymore and I started to binge. I remember feeling so disgusted and ashamed of myself, I made a vow to triple my exercise the next day and restrict even harder to compensate. This became a daily cycle until I felt totally trapped. The very first thing I learnt on ConquerXL was what was going on in my brain and why I felt so out of control and powerless to stop. This was a huge lightbulb moment for me and it all made total sense. Just 1 year after my first session I can say I am free of the binge cycle, I am feeling lean and fitter than ever before and now look at food as nutrition and fuel. I can now go out with my friends without feeling guilty or binging when I get home and my life just feels so much calmer and more balanced as I am able to put my energies into the things that matter. I can’t believe the differences this programme has made to my life!” Amber.


I felt so alone at the peak of my ED and everyone I spoke to either told me to just eat a little more or became angry at me when I tried to hide it. Nobody understood or could understand the battle I was fighting everyday in my head. Even I knew it was ridiculous but I just couldnt escape. To cope I just isolated myself and withdrew from everyone around me.  I was so ashamed, my ED had destroyed my most important relationships but I just didn’t know what to do! I turned to Conquer at one of my lowest points and immediately I felt reassured from Hannah that I was no longer alone and she was there for me every step of the way. Beating my ED suddenly felt like a possibility as Hannah had been where I was and look at her now! Totally free. It took some time but I began to open up more and more and I put trust in Hannah and Conquer.  I remember the session when I decided to take full responsibility for my ED and overcoming it and I felt stronger enough to commit to myself, the programme and Hannah 100%. I feel like a different person now, so much more confident and life is now fun, rather than a daily battle. I have met a great group of like-minded ladies, I play in a tennis group and my relationships with my family are better than ever- we even go out to dinner regularly, something which used to cause so much tension and friction. Thank-you Hannah”. Jane

“I was so overwhelmed, stressed and felt like my whole life was out of control, so I started to use food to gain a sense of release from my manic routine and to quieten my busy mind.  On particularly stressful days I would not eat all day and when I got home, it was like having an out of body experience and I would find myself binging on whatever I could get my hands on. I hated myself and felt disgusted when I looked in the mirror. It was like this thing would just take over me and nothing but food would do. The best thing about Conquer was the amount I learnt about myself and realising that I actually did have control, I just didnt have the knowledge or tools. I learnt how to deal with my binge urges through a practical strategy I could use in-between sessions and I learnt how to manage my emotions with within, rather than looking outside myself to make me feel better. I felt so powerful!  Leaving the programme I feel confident I can continue to live the life I had envisioned for myself before my eating problems took over and I have this huge toolbox to help me thrive in my busy job. I havent binged in weeks! Dee.

I never felt good about myself and hated the way I looked, so I decided to try one of these shakes diets which promised you would drop a dress size in 2 weeks. But, I did longer than 2 weeks and found myself obsessing around food, calories, exercise and became even more critical of my body. I would have days where I ate basically nothing and other days where I would think, oh stuff it and eat what I wanted.  I felt so low and bad about myself and started avoiding social events and gatherings and stayed at home alone. Hannah helped me work on my confidence and self-esteem, building this from within me so I wouldn’t need to gain recognition or turn to things outside myself to feel better. I committed to making small changes every week and I was given mini confidence tasks to complete between sessions which really helped me stay motivated and on track. This felt realistic and manageable. I worked on managing my thoughts and feelings and focused on building up my self-esteem. I am now in a place where I accept myself and who I am, I eat a healthy balanced diet and feel confident enough to start working out which is a huge step for me. I am starting to feel like the old me and I am gaining back my identity!” Sarah


“I was stuck between restricting and binging for years, which over this time I felt like I had less and less control over what was happening to me. In the end it would feel so uncomfortable I would have to give in. I felt like I should be able to over my problems with food, I mean I was doing well in other aspects of my life; work and studying, but this was the one thing I just couldn’t get to grips with. I remember thinking; “what is wrong with me?”. Hannah taught me techniques and tools which put me back in the driving seat and like she said I started ‘brain training’ to weaken my binge-restrict programme in my mind. I learnt how to stop responding to every little thought and feeling, using practical strategies whenever my ED took over. I have not binged in 6 months and my urges are practically non-existent. I am more focused on what I put into my body and I am noticing little physical changes and HUGE changes in my mindset. I feel so much more in control and this is exciting! This was the last thing I wanted to overcome and I feel totally free to get out into life knowing that I can do anything I put my mind to!” Amy.


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