Master your Sleep

Hypnotherapy for Sleep and Insomnia, learn the natural way to sleep easy 

Many people take a good night's sleep for granted.

It's when we don't get the sleep we need that we see how insomnia really affects all areas of our lives, sapping the life out of us.

Insomnia makes it difficult to manage our emotions, feel happy and keep up with the demands of each day.

It is remarkable how many people suffer from insomnia. Some turn to medication, some choose not to. Users of medication generally find it only works to a point. And that they are not getting proper sleep in the sense of enabling the body to really relax and regenerate.

Insomnia, being largely a problem of the mind, responds extremely well to hypnotherapy. The hypnotic state itself is based on attaining mental and physical relaxation.

At this time is also extremely open to suggestion, enabling your hypnotherapist to implant positive changes and remove the 'black clouds' and racing mind that get in the way of deep, relaxing, regenerative sleep.

It's a bit like taking out the rubbish — in the sense that you dispose of unwanted thoughts and disturbing images, enabling your mind to start with a clean slate so you can get the deep health-giving sleep you need.

What is included in our Master your sleep programme:

  • Understanding the mind and our sleep cycle

  • Developing good sleep hygiene habits

  • Creating a structured pre-sleep routine

  • Bespoke hypnotherapy recording to help you drift off to sleep

  • Cognitive hypnotherapy to work and resolve any underlying emotional issues which may be disturbing your sleep

  • Life Coaching to learn how to best manage your time, your work and day to day tasks to help you be able to switch off before bedtime

  • Diet, fitness & supplement advice (if needed)

If you are ready to get a good night's deep, natural sleep or would like to find out more, please call us right now.

Did you know?

  • Approximately 10% of the population have insomnia at any time

  • 18% of these reported sleeping less than 5 hours a night

  • 29% of them said that they had taken some kind of sleep medication during the last 12 months, versus 7% of non insomniacs

  • 23% of people who reported their lives as 'stressful' suffered from insomnia

Master your sleep 6-step programme

Free, no obligation first consultation
6 x 1:1 sessions
between session support programme
mid-session check in 
tools & tips to keep you on track
24/7 support from myself
$695* (saving of >25% on individual sessions)
*if not all sessions are needed you will be refunded that session
FREE 20 min consultation
call 0432 445 320 TODAY!
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