Sports Performance Coaching Sydney

Sports mindset coaching to help you excel mentally and physically, to put yourself ahead of the competition  


Growing up I had some extremely high-achieving, perfectionistic and controlling qualities to my personality and I I really struggled to deal with the competitive sporting world. I competed in Equestrian British eventing, long-distance running and boxing.


My nerves, anxiety and inability to cope with set-backs and poor performance would spiral out of control, to the point where I would beat myself up and then drive myself into the ground with my training and entire preparation processes. Often resulting in injuries for weeks at a time.


Was this helpful? No way!  


I lost all enjoyment and confidence for many years and it had a really detrimental effect on my self-esteem and beliefs I held about myself; that I was not good enough! Looking back, it was such a waste of my energies, but I just did not have the knowledge, understanding or tools to deal with my own emotions and the pressure of the sporting world.

The sporting world is bigger than ever! But with this comes an unbelievable amount of competition and pressure for players to be on top of their game ALL the time and to be looking for ways to put themselves ahead of everyone else; “what is it I can do which by doing it will help give me the edge?”

It is proven how much our mental state can affect our physical abilities- just think about all elite athletes, they all now have the support of a physical & mindset coach!

At Master your Mind Sports Performance Coaching Sydney, I work with talented athletes, including Professional Boxers, Golfers and the North Shore Mariners this season, incorporating sports mindset training into their weekly training sessions! We are working together using a bespoke sports mindset development programme to help the boys to learn to become better equipped to handle their emotions, respond most effectively to situations, mentally prepare themselves ahead of matches & set goals for their own personal development.


Knowledge is power; they are looking leave the programme with a big toolbox to take with them into the future to help them become the best players they can be!


Sports Performance Coaching Sydney

Boxing mindset development

"Iv been doing sessions with Hannah for over a year and she completely helped me change the mental side of my boxing career. She’s super professional and her knowledge in sport psychology is at another level. She helped me focus and also address any new problems that would come up throughout a training camp. Would help me change the way I view them and turn them into a positive. She changed my mental game and turned any doubts into strengths. She was always a text away as well so even outside the sessions I could talk about stuff, I would listen to her tapes every night and they would mentally prepare me and get me into the zone. Making me love my job and be so confident about what I wanted to achieve. With boxing the mental game is by far the hardest challenge and Hannah made it a strength for me. I would recommend any athlete to her! (K.F)

Looking for something to give you the edge ahead of the competition? Want to try something new which will complement your training sessions? Invest in yourself with your own personalised sports mindset development programme at Master your Mind Sports Performance Coaching Sydney! Suitable for individual athletes, groups and teams and built to match your skills, strengths, weaknesses and goals.


Become mentally strong in 9 simple but powerful steps

Sports mindset development Sydney

1. How does my mind work?

2. Internal control mindset

3. Effective goal setting & motivation

4. Resolve unconscious limiting beliefs & bad habits

5. Visualisation and embodiment

6. Pre-match routine development

7. Overcoming nerves and pressures

8. Controlling anger and frustration

9. Dealing with setbacks

Included within your programme will be EXTRA support for your coaches (1:1 or in groups) and parents (regular workshops and educational advice) to create a true joined-up approach from all sides. Everyone must be involved to transform both the mental and physical game.

Support for your coaches may include:

1. Establishing individual & team motivation

2. Clear and measured goal setting

3. Uncovering individual limiting beliefs, fears & worries

4. Questioning techniques to help their team install an internal control mindset

5. Communication & language training using master NLP techniques

6. Managing their own emotions & the emotions of their team

7. How to deal with set-backs

8. Reflection & how to improve their own performance as a coach

Support for your parents may include:

1. Questioning & communication techniques to help their child build an internal control mindset

2. Maintaining motivation

3. Communication & language training using master NLP techniques

4. Creating healthy pre-competition habits

5. How to help manage their childs emotions

6. How to deal with set-backs- what to do and what not to do


Master your Mind Sports Coaching Sydney

Make a commitment to yourself, your team or your club to give yourself every chance to be a success AND enjoy the process along the way.

Contact me to arrange a complimentary consultation at Master your Mind Sports Performance coaching Sydney. We’ll discuss your skills, capabilities and challenges to develop a personalised programme to suit you and your goals.


Make a commitment to yourself today!

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